I set my intentions on myself

When you live in a big city that thrives on people and movement and a constant change of events, coming home to your parents quaint home in the midst of nowhere (you literally have to cross a bridge and a waterfall in the driveway) is a bit of a shock. It’s always nice to come home and reflect on how I live a sort of two lives, or the fact that coming home to my family is a sort of vacation from the constant activity of Seattle. And while I watch my pup snuggle with my mother, and listen to my brother shout “DUDE BRO MAN” to his buddy on Xbox, I intend to do just that.

It’s interesting how much faith we put in others. No this isn’t a post saying “only trust yourself everyone else lets you down” rather, I want to convey that there is such a thing as putting too much trust in others, a little too much faith so to speak. I am an open book, I will tell anyone who is willing to listen anything that hops into my mind at the time. This happens to get me into trouble some times but I also like it about myself, in moderation. I am learning (even at the age of twenty you can STILL learn!!) how to adjust and adapt to my many environments. I am learning that some people who I put faith in are only temporary, and that is OKAY! I am learning that some people who I put faith in use it to manipulate me or others, which is not okay. But I am also learning that there are people out there who I don’t put enough faith in, but they deserve it.

I am taking a communications course right now and one of this weeks topics is where you set your intentions. To me I thought this was an interesting topic for a communications class because when I think of intentions I think of something I am going to do, a goal of something I want to obtain or complete. However, my professor explain intentions in a new way that spoke to me. She said, that with every conversation no matter who it be with you have the opportunity to commit to bettering yourself or a relationship with the person you’re communicating with. I found this interesting because that really made me think on how much time and faith I devote to others.

She explained that if someone isn’t worth the commitment, then it betters yourself because you will grow from the situation once you are out of it. If someone is worth the commitment then you must make it an intention to better that relationship. There are people out there you should spend more time on, and there are people out there who most likely do not deserve the energy you spend on them. It’s noticing throughout the interactions of your relationship where to place this person, and where to go from there that is the difficult task.

All of this really spoke to me this week because I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning as to who I want to spend more time on, or what relationships I want to develop further as well as who has been toxic to my life. I realized who I need to devote more time to is myself. No matter what conversations I have, no matter what I accidentally say or do I will always be by my own side. If you have friends that are forgiving of your mistakes then devote a little extra time to them this week, if you’re in a rut and struggling to do so? spend that extra time on yourself. Trust me, nothing bad can come out of a little self recuperation.





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