Make Me

Motivation; the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. What made you sit down on your computer/phone? Why do you do what you do? Its always interested me personally, I used to want to study behavior but I found a track that better suited me. Finding what makes people tick, why some people behave different from others and why there are so many paths us as people can take to fulfill their life. Its astounding if you sit back and really think about it.

The other day I was filling out a questionnaire for work and one of the questions was what inspires you, I struggled with it a lot. I even asked my friend and he wasn’t sure, he said dogs but I couldn’t really put that on a work form. Some people have an idol, others have a goal, everyone has an idea of something that motivates them but I was having difficulties pinpointing it down to just one thing. I looked around and I was inspired by nearly everything around me. All of the little things going on in my area, my new pup asleep at my lap, my little coming home and already making plans with her friends and actively trying to include everyone, my housemate who poured aloe on my shoulders where I couldn’t reach after being burnt by the sun at pride (thanks ness!) all of that motivates and inspires me because I couldn’t be where I am without them so I look to them when I need a little help here and there.

Imagine if you had to fill out a questionnaire about what inspired you, could you write down just one thing? If you can than thats pretty impressive but do you realistically only look to that one source for your motivation? I will admit, if I need to be motivated to perform a specific action I have specific motivators – like the reminder on my phone that says write a blog post every day yet I hit ignore continuously. But overall I believe my life is inspired by nearly everything around me.

Next time someone asks what inspires you I want you to actively think about your answer, (what is motivating you to think about your answer? me! hehe) and don’t just give it some half-assed “my hero is this because”. Think why you do the things you do, think of what propels you forward in your course of life. And I can guarantee you it will be difficult to narrow it down to just one thing. Be inspired by everything around you.



P.S. I rescued a pup from the shelter! Her name is Kona and she’s perfect.



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