A Little Support Here and There

Today I woke up at 6 AM, trust me this is not a common thing for me. In fact if I were allowed to, I would probably sleep until 4 PM and stay awake until 4 AM. Today however I had a meet and greet with a corporate recruiter for UO–hence the reason for waking up so early. I want to work for the Urban Outfitters home office some day so my meet and greet was definitely a great step in the right direction. Tack on a shift directly after my meet and greet, then add on a couple hours dog hunting at various shelters and here I am, typing up this blog post with my roommate’s corgi in my lap while she gives me death glares for smelling like another dog. Sorry Daisy Princess!

The other day I was filling out some forms for UO and I was asked to reflect on a memory or experience of mine. It was too difficult to choose just one because quite honestly I still haven’t drawn the line between working hard or hardly working at my job. SO instead of writing about a specific memory I wrote about how my part-time sales associate job, which has now turned into a way more than part-time team lead job has turned my life inside-out in the best way possible. I came into college knowing exactly what I wanted to do, or so I thought. I had my entire life mapped out–literally like on multiple pieces of paper.  But when I started working for Urban the job brought out an entirely new side of me, a side I came to enjoy a lot. One of UO’s biggest philosophies is peers teaching peers, as well as trying to provide everyone with opportunities for growth. My coworkers saw a little flicker inside me and helped me grow into who I wanted to be. I realized that I didn’t want to sit at a desk job; I wanted to go out and create and work hands-on with others,  and Urban gives me the opportunity to not only figure this out about myself but to actually do this as well.

I think for a part-time job my freshman year of college to affect me like this is pretty cool, but that also might just be me. But it got me thinking, I found a side of myself that I didn’t know was there because I was surrounded by people that wanted to foster my growth. I wonder if I have ever had that kind of impact on a person? It also made me think how much my friends impact my life as well. Are they supportive of me? or could our relationship be a hindrance? It all kind of raced through my head at once and made me realize what an importance it is to have that kind of support in your life.

At my orientation for school we had to write down our college goal. Mine was to “find people who accept who I am but push me to be a better version of myself” and thats what I found in my job and what I am actively searching for in friendships. I challenge you to find at least one person who affects you in this way and you might find something about yourself you didn’t know was there.




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