Sunday Funday Sunday

Sunday in my opinion is the most awkward day of the week. We are all excited and relaxing because of the weekend, but we are also in panic mode because guess what, another week of school or work is looming over our shoulder. Up in Seattle the University District has the longest running street fair in Washington, it happens once a year and it just so happened to be this weekend. My best friend that I am constantly posting about and I crashed the street fair and got to pretend we were tourists in our own city.

Every week Mel and I try to go on a best friend date, to catch up with each other and get out of the house. In the past we have found a hole in the wall vegan thai restaurant while thrifting for clothes, taken the ferry across the water to Bainbridge Island, we ventured around the city and not only did I find a manuscript from american beauty (my favorite movie)  we found a private little beach to watch the sun set. Another time we attempted and failed to find an art gallery- who new art galleries were closed on Tuesdays? then to make up for it proceeded to stuff our faces with nachos. Last minute we decided to go to a parachute concert and ended up getting in for free when we went to buy tickets.

I feel like these “dates” are good for my soul, if that makes sense. Mel and I are from the same hometown and getting back to my roots is sometimes necessary to keep you sane. On the other hand our dates never stay in the same place, so while being able to catch up we are also exploring and learning new things.

Sometimes, taking time out of your day to do something good for yourself and one of your friends is more important than making sure you get full credit on that busy work assignment your professor gave you.

Don’t forget to check out to see all of Mel’s hard work come to life.




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