Stop Second Guessing and Start Living


In a society that is based upon comparison and competition it is difficult to stay objective from your thoughts when they begin to race about something you are second guessing. Second guessing something isn’t necessarily just about wondering if you made the wrong decision. In my opinion it stems much farther into over analyzing things that we do, to the point where we dwell on the subject or even change our opinion based on our racing thoughts. Like I said, its hard to stay objective when this is happening.

You know those people who are always spontaneous and look like they are having the time of their life, simply because they don’t seem to have a care in the world? Yeah, I am definitely not one of those people and lets be realistic, they probably care about a lot of things, but they have figured out how to regulate their thoughts/emotions about subjects and can easily make decisions and feel confident in them. As I write this post I am second guessing, will my readers like this topic? Is my writing up to par today? I have deleted and un-done my deletes multiple times just trying to fill the page with my thoughts.

I hate the feeling of being held back by my own thoughts. I love to read, so I have been picking up some “guides to life” books about living life to the fullest and being happy/content. Something that has been spread across all of the pages is how so many people in society don’t do things for the right reasons. One of the books explained how the only reason you should do something is because you and you alone want to do it. Take the situation and remove your friends influences, take apart the thoughts of “will this make me seem more fun/cool?” and toss out the fear of doing something novel. Do you want to do this? It could be going on a road trip, getting a tattoo, or even wearing an article of clothing thats a tad bit out of your comfort zone.

If you want to do it, go for it. That was the key to not second guessing yourself and your decisions. You have to want to do it and feel confident in your decision then nothing else will be able to waver it. Now, finding confidence in yourself is a whole different topic that I can try and tackle in another post. But today I want you to make a decision, and stick to that decision, knowing you made it! and its a good decision! Today? Mine is pressing the publish button.




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