Do you ever feel like a walking contradiction?

Ever heard of the term introvert/extrovert? It’s not one or the other, it’s actually a combination of the two. Which seems redundant because on one side an introvert would rather stay home and read a book while an extrovert would rather go out on the town with twelve of their closest friends. An introvert/extrovert is a mix of the two because while it seems like it is one or the other these traits are really on a spectrum, you can be outgoing, yet you desperately need your alone time. Ever been so exhausted from socializing all day that you need to recuperate with a couple of hours of Netflix and some chips? Same, and that is exactly what I am talking about.

Stereotypes are never going to go away, and placing yourself in a category is insanely difficult because if your like me and change your mind every second of everyday you don’t really know what categories you will fit in to and which ones you won’t. I recently have been in the process of updating my blog and in the midst of googling “how to make my blog cooler” I read a few posts saying that I needed to find my “brand”. Branding a blog is basically finding what category your blog fits in, or finding a topic or two that you will continuously write about like photography or food (yum). But being twenty years old its hard to commit to just one thing when I am constantly trying new things and finding all of these categories that I can fit small pieces of myself into rather than throw my entire body into just one.

While you’re growing up its super easy to fall into the clique fad, like I said stereotypes are embedded in our society and have been here probably since the dinosaur age, the T-rex? he was probably the Regina George of the animal kingdom during his time. What I want to know is who decided that you can only fit into one category? Like, if you like a certain type of thing you’re supposed to like things similar to that? Doesn’t make sense to me. In high school I would show up to different social events and get asked “whoa what are you doing here” and I would look at them and be like…uh, well hmm let me think? the same thing you are? People decided I was one type of person and it would shock them when I tried to branch out, and it drove me crazy.

Society pushes us so hard to be an individual, yet we get ridiculed for choosing too many interests? Just because I really like wearing black jeans, a black tee and an oversized black sweater doesn’t mean I can’t wear a baby pink dress when I want to. What if I told you since you like salty stuff you can’t like sweet stuff because they’re too opposite. Well that’d be weird cause white chocolate pretzels are too good to pass up even though I really am not supposed to eat them (thank you gluten intolerance). This brings me back to the introversion/extraversion debate, I think you really can fit into two categories. I don’t think you need to be the person that stays home and reads every night or only does things by themself, and you don’t need to be the person that spends nearly all their time surrounded by people doing #instaworthy things.

You CAN do both! I believe in you! Defy the norms set by society! Hehe, but actually I challenge you to notice how many different categories you can fit in to, and recognize you do not have to be just one type of person.




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